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Rock the house

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1 Rock the house on Thu Aug 18, 2011 12:47 am


1.Feel it, cause it’s coming down,
Here it, cause it’s all around,
Taste it like it’s in your mouth,
In your mouth, in your mouth!
…cause we’re pump it right,
Rang it, cause it’s right around,
Passion from town to town,
Town and town,
Town and town!

Burn it and burn all my feelings,
…it’s talking over, you better believe it!
We gonna rock the house!
Knock down the doors!
We gonna rock the house
Tear it through the floor!
We gonna rock the house!
Knock down the doors!
We gonna rock, rock, rock the house!

2.Smash it like we’re breaking glass,
Trashing everything we pass,
..cause I’m …
Sweating, so just take it off!
Kiss me, but don’t think I’m soft!
Party, just party hard!
Party hard, party hard!


3.Hands up…
…let the music take you over
Rock your body like you rock the house! (x2)


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