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Dancing Tonight

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1 Dancing Tonight on Thu Aug 18, 2011 12:36 am


1.I wanna see you dance like no one’s there
You’re all alone and you don’t care cause
This is your night, I let them all stay
You’re so amazing, azing

Chorus: Baby tonight, turn the music loud
Cause we’ll all be dancing, dancing, dancing
Set this floor on fire, throw your hand’s higher
Everyone’s dancing, dancing, dancing
We’ll be dancing tonight

1.Oooh I like the sound
I like how the music turns me out
Heart beating to the sound of the base drum
Feet tapping to the snare on occasion
Hold me now baby
Tell me we’re all done with waiting
Don’t care about conversation
Let me see your hands up
Feel your heartbeat racing


2.Music’s to my system
I’m feeling good and baby I got a missionI’m trying to turn the club out
Make the party run out
Find the little cutie-cu-cutie
When the club’s out


Ooooh, oooh, ooooh

3.Turn the music loud
We’ll be dancing
Turn this party loud
We’ll be dancing

Set this floor on fire
We’ll be dancing
Dancing tonight

We’ll be dancing
Baby tonight
Turn the music out
Cause we’ll all be dancing dancing dancing
Set this floor on fire
Throw your hands higher
Everyone’s dancing dancing dancing


Ehhoh, eeeoh

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